Saving is as Important as Investing

Reduce your spending with these money-saving tips if you want to know how to save money here’s the answer. Always remember that you don’t always need to make more money, saving is just as important as investing.

How to save money?

You already know the 10% rule, this method of saving money is extremely effective, basically it is to save 10 percent of your check when you collect your salary, if you see that 10% is a lot but try it once and you will realize that it does not affect you so much, imagine how much money you can save in a year saving each load!

Save money by buying used cars!

Many people don’t know that simply buying a used car for 1-2 years saves a lot of money, most cars cost twice as much when they’re new, but once you use the car you lose a lot of value. Remember to buy a single and small vehicle, it will use less fuel and it will cut your costs.

Ford Stock Chart:

How to save money when you fill your car tank with gasoline, well, very easy, just use low-octane gasoline, if it’s the cheapest, you knew the difference isn’t so much between the most expensive and the cheapest gasoline.

How to save money on your car insurance, if you have a used car you can buy basic insurance that covers only the expenses of the person who suffered the damage, accidents are very rare, a person suffers car accidents once or twice in their life, save a lot of money by buying basic car insurance and not a premium.

Another easy way to save is by using only one car, in these times where many people work from home it is possible to only have one car per family.

Save and Invest your Money

Invest in the Stock Market

How to save money on utility bills such as electricity, water and gas?

In the United States and other countries there are homes that already include these expenses in rent, it is usually better to pay a fixed cost than to expect receipts this way you know exactly how much you will pay each month.

Do not buy brands or designers, this applies to clothing, food, games, etc. When buying things don’t just look at the brand, prices are usually lower when you buy generic items.

Buy second-hand! If you remember never buying new movies, video games or computers or programs, this also applies to all kinds of things like clothing, electronics, etc.

Save money on energy costs by ingesting your home, this can cost you a little right now, but over time the money you save on electricity and gas costs will be much higher.

Save money on your entertainment, for example, cable companies now allow you to combine cable, Internet, and telephony into a single receipt.

Buy generic drugs! Typically, you can save up to 50% of the cost of regular medications.

Well, I hope these money-saving tips will help you a lot, remember that everyone asks how to save money, as these tips will help you achieve it easily.

Where to Invest Your Extra Money

Invest in Bitcoin

If you live in the United States you can use the (get a free stock) app to invest in the U.S. stock exchange, with this app you can buy shares from Microsoft, Apple and IBM among many others, not only will you see your money grow but you can also generate dividends.

If you open your account today, you will also have the opportunity to invest in Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

Very good luck with your savings and remember that saving money is as important as making money, of course remember to invest any extra money to watch it grow.